Egyptian physician, architect, and vizier (chief adviser) of King Zoser (3rd dynasty).

Imhotep was a genius human that became a true god after his death in about 2600 BC.

He is thought to have designed the step pyramid at Sakkara, the first pyramid ever constructed. Few written remains come from his own time and his background is not known. He was also the prime minister, chief physician, high priest, a poet and a philosopher.

He was worshipped for 2500 years as the god of medicine, as Egyptian medical belief required that doctors treat their patients with both spiritual and rational methods. Doctors gave prayers to Imhotep as they treated their patients in the belief that he would intervene to help the healing process.

The Greeks and the Romans adopted his thoughts and it was wide spread. As the first child of god Ptah and goddess Nut he brought to man the arts of healing and knowledge of medicine. He was also the protector of studies. His image is of a man dressed in a simple way sitting with his studying material on a throne. His tomb has not yet been found. It's likely to be in Sakkara.

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