Son of Isis and Osiris,

Conceived after the death of his father Osiris and summoned to succeed him on the throne of the gods after defeating his Uncle Seth.

Under the name of HARSIESE, “son of Isis” precisely, he incarnates triumphant youth. The little, helpless child exposed to all sorts of dangers bore the name of HARPOKRATES, or “Horus the child,” from the end of the New Kingdom onward.

This child represents both the divine or royal heir who ensures the continuity of the royal function and the sun who is reborn every morning. Horus of Edfu also is a sun-god and a god of kingship. These two aspects manifest themselves in him in a fully mature form. The elder Horus, god of Letopolis, is a solar divinity whose two eyes represent the sun and the moon. When these two heavenly bodies are invisible, the god goes blind and takes the name MEKHENTY-EN-IRTY, “He who has no eyes.” When he recovers his eyesight, he becomes KHENTY-IRTY, “He who has eyes.” A warrior god armed with a sword, he is especially dangerous during his periods of blindness. This Horus is the brother of Osiris and Isis but, under the influence of the other gods of the same name, he can also be considered the son of Isis.

The great sun-gods who bear the name of Horus are often represented as falcons or falcon-headed gods and are generally married to Hathor. In an absolute sense, Horus is the prototype of the earthly king.

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