Rare Bronze Statue of the Ram-Headed Banebdjedet Ancient Egypt, XXVth Dynasty, 664 - 525 BC


Banebdjedet , an early ram headed god at Mendes.

Banebdjedet was the  manifestation of the Lord of Djedet and the consort of the fish-goddess Hatmehit.

The Story behind Benebdjedtet is when Horus battled Set for the throne of the gods, Banebdjetet leaped into the middle of the final battle and demanded a peaceful end, claiming that if the gods abandoned Ma'at, universal disaster would be the result. He advised the rest of the gods to consult Neith and ask for her wisdom. She ruled that Horus was rightly the ruler of the gods, being the son of Osiris, and that Set had attempted to take the throne through treachery, invalidating his claim.

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